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Default DNR Pine County Open House

It looks very good that we are going to pick up a significant amount of trail miles in the State Forests in the Pine County area. If you are looking for a great place to go for day trips that is close to town, then this is your opportunity to make a difference. There is an open house this Wednesday May 22nd at the Askov Town Hall at 6369 Kobmagergade from 6-8pm. We need ORV enthusiasts to show support not only at the meeting but as well as submitting written comments by June 24th. Send comments to:
Minnesota State Parks and Trails
Rebecca Wooden
500 Lafayette Road
St Paul MN 55155-4039

If you dont like what happened to our group the first time around, then you need to get on board right from the get go this time.
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For some help with getting your comments in we came up with these points to get you started. This is as easy as we can make it.
This group of forests will directly affect every forest that is going to be coming up in the review process for the next couple years. If our user group can't pull it together here we are doomed again. Take 5 minutes to complete, then call 5 people you wheel with and have them complete their letters.

From MN4WDA Lobbyist Dan Larson:

This is our chance to send a message to the DNR that Off-Road Vehicle enthusiasts are serious about access to ORV recreational activities in state forests, and I hope you will take the time to make a comment. The trails are there for the asking - but we need to show the department we are a constituency that is serious and engaged. While we have worked with the DNR at every step of the Pine County process, the tone of our message will be underwhelmed at the approximate 4.2 miles of ORV-only trail resulting from the designation effort. We need to keep the pressure on to do better in future forests.

To make it as simple as possible to get letters to the DNR and show strength of message for four-wheel drive trails, we've provided talking points for those who wish to write your own letter, and several sample letters for those who wish to cut and paste.

Key talking points are:

We're disappointed more trail miles were not designated in the Pine County forests.

Even after reductions Hunter/Walkers have 47 miles of trail, ATV1 / OHM share nearly 100 miles (approx. 97), ATV 1, ATV 2 and OHM share 51.5 miles, it's not good enough that ORV's have a mere 4.2 miles of designated trail.
(The other modes gave up a couple of miles to grant ORV's their 4.2 miles).

In total numbers, ORV-specific trail miles are far behind those designated to any of the other OHV activities. The Phase II process needs to be much more aggressive in designating ORV trails than 4.2 miles per county.

The DNR used $2 million in ORV funds to complete the Phase I process, and didn't receive a single ORV-specific trail mile.

We were told the Phase II process would be our time, but 4.2 miles county is not even close to bringing equity to the trail miles ATV, OHM or even snowmobiles enjoy.

Off road enthusiasts are good citizens who volunteer in the community.

Technical challenge loops are key to holding interest to any ORV touring trail.

Sample Letter 1:

Rebecca Wooden
DNR OHV Parks and Trail Planner
Box 39
500 LaFayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155-4040

Dear Ms. Wooden:

We have reviewed the Pine County State Forest Designation proposal and consider the 4.2 miles of ORV specific trail lacking.

The department used $2 million in designated funding from the ORV unrefunded gasoline account to conduct the Phase I forest designation process, but didn't receive a single ORV-specific trail mile. ORV enthusiasts were told to wait until the Phase II process for relief. That time is now - but the results from the first county designation are not good enough.

ORV's have endured an undeserved bias within the department that has resulted in a significant inequity in trail-miles when compared against ATV's, Off-Highway Motorcycles, or snowmobiles. This despite the fact the the MN4WDA is active in community affairs across the state, is family-oriented, and is good for business in the areas they are allowed to recreate.

We appreciate receiving a little over four miles in the first county process, but another underwhelming result like this in the next county will not be acceptable.


Sample Letter 2:

Rebecca Wooden
DNR OHV Parks and Trail Planner
Box 39
500 LaFayette Rd.
St. Paul, MN 55155-4040

Dear Ms. Wooden:

I am writing to say the 4.2 ORV-specific miles in the Pine County Phase II process is not good enough. ORV's didn't receive any miles out of the Phase I process, despite contributing $2 million on designated funding. We were told to wait until the Phase II process, and had much higher hopes for the Pine County forests than 4.2 miles specific to ORV's

I'm a member of the ( Your club name here ). We are good neighbors and a strong family-based organization. We volunteer our time and help people in need. Despite all this we're still fighting bias within the department and its time to stop. We need trail miles in the state forest that are equal to ATV's, OHM's and snowmobiles. Anything less borders on discriminatory.


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Default Time to get off your ass!

With nine days left for comments there were only nine comments in as of this morning. If there is going to be any glimmer of hope to get more area for us to wheel we have to start now. This may only be a small step in the right direction but what is being offered to us required almost no work from our user group besides sending in or emailing one letter and it appears that we can't even do that. As the organized Wheelers in this state it is our responsibility to male sure that public lands are kept open. Take the time right now and send your letter in. Thanks
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Just got this email;

To persons following the Pine County forest trail revisions process:

The DNR has completed the designation changes for the four Pine County forests – Nemadji, Chengwatana, St. Croix, and General Andrews.
Some key points:
the Commissioner signed the designation orders in late November and they were published in the State Register December 9, 2013.
one or two “Areas with Limitations” , where off-trail OHV use is prohibited during hunting/trapping, were designated in each forest.
approximately 27 miles of OHV trail were undesignated;
approximately 45 miles of hunter-walking trail were designated;
approximately 18 miles of new OHV trail were designated;
about 20 miles of trail are designated for ORVs (4-wheel drive trucks/Jeeps) – with some ORV-only trail. In the Nemadji and St. Croix state forests, there will be loops open to ORV use that combine forest roads, some new trail, and existing ATV/OHM trail segments with ORV use added;
the DNR plans to investigate the potential for short ORV technical loops off existing forest roads in the Nemadji and St. Croix forests, and the possibility of using inactive gravel pits in the Nemadji forest for technical ORV use.
The effective date for the designations is January 1, 2014.
It may take several seasons for the changes to be implemented on the ground; DNR staff will need to make improvements to newly designated trails, complete signing, remove signs from undesignated trails, post the areas with limitations, etc. An implementation schedule is being developed.

Forest summaries and the State Register exhibit maps of designations/undesignations are posted on the DNR website at:

The DNR has not determined which forests to review next. Updated information will be posted on the webpage.

Thank you for your interest and participation in the process.

Rebecca A. Wooden
Planning Director State
Division of Parks & Trails
1988 YJ
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